BADGUYTY's To Do list:
Modals for
Kaw Submission
Reply submission

Kaw/reply display Jinja Macro
Async reply loading
Nested Replies

Full Async / Dynamic Pageloads (Infinite Scroll)

Displayable profile pages
Make Detailed profile submission/edit page


1. Market submission form

2. Create market view page

3. Create market submission endpoint.

1. Create a Video metadata submission page
2. Create a Video player page.

Encrypted Content and portal

1. Tap into community standards for creation, viewing, and consuming blockchain verified digital rights to media

Reply to


Tested out 4.8.5test1 two days ago with great success. Soon P2SH on assets. Squawker, wxRaven, Ravencoinipfs, Ravenclause, WS2, Mangofarmasses, DirectToMarket all together equal a global Decentralized Trustless Marketplace. Where no one company or group controls content and how it is consumed. The DTM cuts out YT, Kendal, Twatter, Itunes, playstore, apple store, netflix, hulu, spodify and all other digital media platforms while creating an equal playing field for all People to compete on. Properly Regulated Capitalisms, PRC, is the future and RVN is delivering it.

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