BADGUYTY's To Do list:
Modals for
Kaw Submission
Reply submission

Kaw/reply display Jinja Macro
Async reply loading
Nested Replies

Full Async / Dynamic Pageloads (Infinite Scroll)

Displayable profile pages
Make Detailed profile submission/edit page


1. Market submission form

2. Create market view page

3. Create market submission endpoint.

1. Create a Video metadata submission page
2. Create a Video player page.

Encrypted Content and portal

1. Tap into community standards for creation, viewing, and consuming blockchain verified digital rights to media

Reply to


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit affirmed a lower court decision concluding it is false advertising to claim software is “Open Source” when it’s not licensed under an Open Source license. The plaintiff licenses its software as a combination of the Affero General Public License with an additional restriction known as the Commons Clause. The defendants forked the software, renamed it “Open Native Graph Database” (ONgDB), and started distributing their version as AGPLv3-only licensed. They advertised ONgDB as “free and open source,” “100% free and open,” and “100% open source.” The court held that it was improper for the defendants to remove the Commons Clause, and therefore the defendants’ claims in advertising that its ONgDB software was Open Source was false advertising. Read the court’s decision and an article by the Open Source Initiative.

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