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Modals for
Kaw Submission
Reply submission

Kaw/reply display Jinja Macro
Async reply loading
Nested Replies

Full Async / Dynamic Pageloads (Infinite Scroll)

Displayable profile pages
Make Detailed profile submission/edit page


1. Market submission form

2. Create market view page

3. Create market submission endpoint.

1. Create a Video metadata submission page
2. Create a Video player page.

Encrypted Content and portal

1. Tap into community standards for creation, viewing, and consuming blockchain verified digital rights to media

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Zero-sum Security: Zero Trust is Compromised as Long as Passwords: Furthering the White House Cybersecurity EO, the OMB just released a Zero Trust Architecture Strategy with one of its 5 pillars focused on identity, and requiring implementation of strong, phishing-resistant MFA for agency and citizen access. This session explores the gatekeeper role of identity in ZTA, and the business and technology challenges faced in managing access while passwords persist. This is not block chain technology this is centralized power. Squawker and RIP11 will tear this down.

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