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Published 2022-05-24T15:51

Squawker, wxRaven and RIP11 use cases


Here are just some examples of how 3rd party applications can use the Squawker.app and wxRaven.link 1. Movies: Services like IMDB.com, Netflix, Xfinity, Hulu or any 3rd party could scan and display movies for sale. With the use of tags and other information published with the content, what, when and how the content is displayed if controlled by the 3rd party application. 2. Books: This same approach can be used for ebooks. Any 3rd party application such as Aldiko or Kendal could display the volumes for sales and through the consumer’s payment gateway, facilitate the sale. 3. Videos: Rather than hosting content, services such as Youtube or Rumble could simply play content from the RVN BC via Squawker.app and wxRaven.link. If the publisher of content wanted that content available to a video service they could simply send content “tokens” to the desired 3rd party services. If the 3rd party service has motorized through running advertisements, the publisher could send the content “token” to a wallet address with advertisement revenue or a wallet address without advertisement revenue. Advertisement views could be easily tracked to the token and payments made autonomously. This would also allow for a tipping function like what is used by lbry.tv and also Basic Attention Token (BAT). 4. Radio Stations and music: The evolution of this market has fragmented the business model. Online radio stations, IHeart being an example, could access music offered to them through content “tokens” sent by the publishers. Traditional revenue models, currently employed by these type of services, could continue as is. This also adds other possibilities such as instant pay upon play and greatly enhanced tracking analytics. National Syndicated Radio networks could also access Squawker.app and wxRaven.link for broadcast over the airways. This again would provide a more in depth set of tools for tracking analytics and revenue options. Local radio stations. Many smaller independent stations have different revenue models. Many stations among the Tejano, Cumbia, Conjuto and other Spanish music genre are paid by the musicians to play music. The musicians do this so that audiences will request them at live events. With Squawker.app and wxRaven.link, publishers could send their songs to the stations via content tokens. Payments to the stations could easily be setup on a pay for play system where automatic payments are made to the stations from a fund setup by the publisher. When a song is played the system would automatically send payment to the desired wallet address. This could be setup with time sensitivity where as more is paid for song played during prime times and less when listenership is lower. This in turn provides more revenue opportunities for the local stations. Streaming services such as Spodify and Itunes would no longer host music but grant access to customers. Publishers could provide access to content by sending content tokens to streaming services. Because of the increased and open analytical possibilities provided by the RVN BC, tracking and payments can be near instant. Along with traditional revenue avenues new models can be explored. Publishers can offer music in a variety of ways. Individual songs, albums or groups of songs or give them away in promotions. They can also offer directly to the public market and retain a larger portion of the revenue from sales. Squawker.app and wxRaven.link allows for creativity and innovation in forming new business models. Once a consumer purchases access to a song, they can download or stream the content. As long as they retain their wallet and membership token they will have access to the content they purchases. A variety of 3rd party applications could manage this content for the consumer and compete for end users. 5. Subscription services: By allowing 3rd party applications to verify a wallet address is the holder of a token, access to websites, music and/or video services or anything online requiring access verification can be automated and simplified. A consumer, who is a member of the subscription service, could purchase a 30 day pass to a website or any other online service. The consumer’s wallet address would receive a “30 day” access token from the service. For the 30 days that the access token is valid and resided in the wallet address that also contained the consumer’s membership token, the consumer would have access to the service. The 3rd party service would not need to store “User” and “Password” information or a database of access and purchases. All that information is stored on the RVN BC. This would GREATLY reduce the cost and complexity of maintain online subscription services of all kinds. 6. Application stores: Sights like Google’s Play Store could access software and applications published to Squawker.app and wxRaven.link. These 3rd party retailers can decide what content to display and publishers can negotiate revenue sharing individually or in groups. Payments would be instant to all parties and tracking and analytics would be greatly enhanced. Squawker.app and wxRaven.link also allows publishers to reach consumers directly, cutting out “middle men” and retaining a larger portion of the sale revenue. This also allows for push or pull verified updating of software. 7. Public and private messaging: These types of services would be open to all, both consumers and verified “KYC” publishers. 3rd party public messaging services like Gab, Parlor, Twitter, Discord, TicTok, Instagram, 4chan, Bitcointalk, Medium, Telegram, blog sites and an 100’s of other such services, that allow for public display of messages and comments, would no longer have to store published data. Posters simply add their content to the RVN BC through Squawker.app and wxRaven.link and send their personal “access” token to the 3rd party service. The 3rd party can scan the RVN BC for content published by its members. Since all content is hosted on the RVN BC there is no deleting or censoring. All content moderation is handled on the 3rd party service side. In this case 3rd parties could, but not necessarily, be considered “A” publisher but not “The” publisher of the original content. Since anyone can post to the RVN BC and IPFS, this allows for the sending of encrypted data. A person could post an encrypted message and then send the intended recipient a token to read the message. Only the holder of the verified wallet address with the correct unique “membership” token could view the data. Through the backend functions of Squawker.app and wxRaven.link any 3rd party application could give its users access to these functions. It must be noted that once something is posted to the RVN BC it cannot be deleted and the poster cannot be changed. While a poster may use an anonymous handle, that handle and that message will always be attached and available. 8. Remittance: Just like data the Squawker.app system could be used by members to send funds to each other. Squawker.app could be used to send crypto wallet address with private keys in encrypted messages. An example is if user A has 3 ETH in a wallet address. User A could send an encrypted message, containing the wallet address and private keys, to user B. User B could restore the wallet address and thus claim the 3 ETH without paying “gas” fees and not be classified as a funds receiving address. This method of transfer is not unique to Squawker.app and can be performed through any type of end to end communication.


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